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Virologist Resume Sample

Virology – the branch of science dealing with viruses. Virologist study the growth and characteristic of these microorganisms. They identify ways in which these parasites infect human and animal cells and research on ways to isolate them. They also make extensive study to utilize such organisms for medical and pharmaceutical benefit.

Since virologists perform number of activities, they find job scopes in various industries; starting from teaching, research, pharmaceutical and medicine. Alongside, they do need huge education and training to grab these job opportunities.

Now if you are adequately trained to work as a Virologist, prepare a resume that can prove your worth before potential employers. Below is a resume sample that can impress your recruiters. Feel free to copy paste it after making necessary changes.


Miriam Brown
145, 16th Avenue Street
617, Boston MA – 02101
Ph : 123 456 7890 

Objective: More than 6 years of experience as a Virologist in various research labs. Acquainted with various lab equipments and the environment as a whole. Looking for job scopes available in this industry to utilize my knowledge and experience.

Professional Experience: 

City laboratories, Boston
Duration: February 2013 - Present
Designation: Virologist

  • Performed experiments to identify origin and evolution of new virus progeny
  • Conducted research on different substances produced by viruses to analyze their utility
  • Assisted lead researchers in developing vaccines by providing them with detailed reports on various research and experiments conducted  
  • Supervised fresh virologists during their day to day activities
Abode Labs, Boston
Duration: March 2011 - December 2012
Designation: Virologist

  • Conducted experiments to test virus response on different drugs formulated to restrict their growth in human body
  • Coordinating with other microbiologists to study interrelated behavior of microorganisms and their impact on human health
  • Provided detailed documentation on research  for FDA application
Health Tech Labs, Boston
Duration: May 2009 - February 2011
Designation: Associate Virologist

  • Performed general cell culture procedures using sterile techniques
  • Worked on Molecular analysis on tissue culture cell 
  • Making detailed data entries and maintained records to meet lab directives

Educational Details: 

Boston Health and Research Institute
Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research Training on Virology/Immunology - 2009


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